Like many other people in this world, one constant has remained throughout the life of this producer of Spanish and Irish descent, a Love for music and a Love for dancing. Much to his parents’ occasional embarrassment, Edward’s Passion for dancing was so strong, that he would insist on performing a routine for every visitor that came to the family home. Much has changed since then, his passion has now evolved into what Edward expresses through his compositions as well as what he performs as a deejay through his created persona, Ed Flow.
Edward grew up in London having moved from the Canary Islands, the place of his birth, at the early age of five. There was no shortage of music in his household, as his stepfather had a real passion for music and was himself a Deejay, event organizer, and a real “partygoer” during the 80s and 90s. As you’d expect from living a life in a cosmopolitan city like London, Edward was exposed to all kinds of musical stimuli, as well as influenced by culture, life, and friends during his time spent at the American Community School in London.

In 1998, Ed Flow started collaborating with a Spanish radio station based in Tenerife called Universal Grooves, under the guided wing of Coco Ariaz. At Universal Grooves, Edward produced and presented his House music program ‘Dance Zone’ which fevered a great response from his audience. During this time, Ed Flow played in the local club circuit inspiring the dance floors by creating a bridge between House, Progressive, and Break Beat. He held his own after- hour’s residency and deejayed during the islands’ renowned annual Carnival. During these mass events, Ed Flow had the pleasure to play alongside many great local and international Deejays alike.

In the year 2000, taking a brief break from the local club scene, Ed Flow completed a sound engineering course in Barcelona where his fascination for music production and creation took a course. Looking to expand his horizons and find alternative ways to be involved in music, a year later Edward moved back to London where he established himself at Outer Recordings as coordinator and official label DJ. At Outer recordings, Edward worked with acts the likes of GrooveJam, Electracoustic, and the Funky Lowlives. Inspired by these musical times, Ed decided that he would work on his own electronic music productions.

Now Based in Tenerife, Edward had been on the move between London, the Canary Islands, and Goa, India, for the last five years. Even though his travels have taken time away from the studio and music creation, these experiences have further inspired him in his quest for developing his musical style of expression. Jesse Saunders wrote regarding one of Ed’s tracks; ‘Rain is an exquisitely, beautiful production bringing sound effects, synthetics, and hallowed voices to produce a soundscape unparalleled.’