Humanity is sacred

19 April 2023

When did we loose our faith? Recently, I have pondered the question, At what point in time did people lose faith in their humanity? When …
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Happy third Anniversary

22 February 2023

The likelihood that we may face further testing by design. As the days, weeks, months, and years pass by, we are quickly coming towards the …
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The dark night of humanity’s soul

3 February 2023

Society in Decay If you are currently reading my blog posts, then you are aware, at least to some degree, of the incoherent systemic anti-human …
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About Men and Women …

16 November 2022

is Humanity divided at the core? One thing apparent among our species in these turbulent times is the lack of unity, even in the presence …
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Finding our own coherence and happiness

30 July 2022

The Matrix … From the moment of birth, possibly even conception, we’ve been spoon-fed a reality that is meant to keep us from reaching our …
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Creating bridges

17 July 2022

The construction of…. Throughout our history we have created bridges to join what was once disconnected. Lets say that previous to the existence of the …
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Rites of Passage. Life and Death

14 July 2022

The Desecration of… Our arrival and departure from this earthly plane of existence are considered amongst the most important events in our lives and have …
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It’s time for us to decide

14 July 2022

I’ve been wanting to communicate directly with the world through another medium other than music for many years now. Ever since the year 2000, I’ve …
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