Soultrade Club

Out on: Soultrade Records


Eastern Air (Original Mix)

Jakub Rene Kosik

The Ancient One (Original Mix)

Ed Flow

Comfortably Numb (Original Mix)

Nyavlis Norach

Magnetizer (Original Mix)

Nestor Arriaga

Dread (Original Mix)


The Guru (Beydagi Remix)

Beydagi, Tribe of Bass

Knowere (Original Mix)


Arrested (Original Mix)

Frank Zedi

Square (Original Mix)


Should (Original Mix)

Note Repeat

Another Song (Ed Flow Remix Instrumental)

Ed Flow, Trümmerfrau

Bunker (Original Mix)

Keany kaze

Secret Train (Original Mix)

Andy Panthen

Roller Coaster (Enigmatic Remix)

Enigmatic, Parajoe & Parajack

Ballet of Dreams (Roger Mills Remix)

Roger Mills, Mono & Lisa

Genesis (Original Mix)

Layer 9

Panzer Division (Original Mix)

K Beatz

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As the boundaries within Dance Music blur more and more, the genre given to define the orientation of a musical piece becomes ever more difficult to give. The definition of House has been ever evolving and incorporating more contemporary sounds and styles of production. So all in all, considering all this, is it really that important? After all, it is all just Dance Music and in the early days the DJs were mixing all kinds of styles and sounds together. We chose Soultrade Club as the title of this compilation, not to represent a specific style or given club genre, but to represent a careful selection of contemporary underground club sounds. Enjoy.


Release: 10093356

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