Soultrade Lounge Vol2 Out Now

This awesome compilation  includes a previously unrelased track entitled Tara’s Dance by Ed Flow

Dear Friends,

I’m excited to announce that a radio edit of Tara’s Dance has been included on Soultrade Lounge Vol 2. Besides myself, this compilation presents track from Wasis Diop, Damiandebass, Kristina Supergenius, Maria Blue, Hawkword, Pay Kusten, Dasya, Fobie, Yuho, The Hybridiser, Alvaro Vela, Oneiromancy,Stiller, Joe Jog, DJ Besiky, Four Eleven, DJ Racy, Chickenskin, Fabulous’ Fab’,Tokyo Tower and Time Away.

What more to say except that I hope that you enjoy this eclectic compilation.

Please see the Spotify preview player bellow or if you like the compilation and you want to support the artist that you hear here you can see the release page for alternative stores.

Thanks for your support and please share the news.