Soultrade House 2015

Soultrade Records 10080356 February 23, 2015

  • You Can Feel (Original Mix)

    Zero Sound

  • Week End (Original Mix)


  • Stardust (Original Mix)

    Christian Belt

  • Source of Love (Original Mix)


  • Back in Days (Original Mix)

    Fabio Montana

  • Revolver (Original Mix)

    Silvina Romero

  • Groove (Old School Mix)

    Victor Del Guio

  • Hypnotising (Original Mix)

    Kris Randval

  • Ghost (Original Mix)

    Boric Sava

  • Move Forward (Original Mix)

    Mick M Meij

  • Back to Ibiza (Original Mix)

    DJ Stile

  • 3 AM in Thai (Original Mix)

    Rufus K

  • Immobilized (Original Mix)

    Mr. Ivson

  • Dont Look Back (Instrumental Version)

    Ed Flow, Anja Kristina

  • Oracle (Original Mix)

    We Are Tall Order, Joe Funktastic

Soultrade Records is proud to present a broad selection of fine quality House Music, guaranteeing to make you move. To accompany you for over an hours of Electronic Delight, our hand picked selection represents talented producers from around the world. Join us in this auditive voyage and we’re sure you’ll agree with us, that it was worth it.